When we signed up to change the world 🌍 as entrepreneurs, many of us didn’t get a manual for LIFE!

(That’s what I created with Aligned..more on that later)


To be able to hang in there on the long days…when “hustle porn” (Lamborghinis and girls in bikinis, or bragging about not sleeping) isn’t enough to keep us going.

We need principles and circumstances that allow us to feel steady in our choice of entrepreneurship.

Surrounded by a community of people who GET and celebrate who we are. Who are just as unique and quirky as we are.

Who are driven by change and also personal freedom and expression.

When we’re in a 9-5, we’re given the keys to a stable life, with built-in community, and very little risk. We can cruise.

We don’t have that in entrepreneurship.

We don’t even have insurance, unless we buy it. It’s a 💯% responsibility kinda thing.

And BECAUSE of that, many of us also think we can do it all alone. “I’ve gotten this far on my own, I don’t need people” we think in the back of our heads…

You need people. I know you try to avoid that. Because you’ve been able to do a lot of this without anyone…

BUT YOU HAVE TO THINK: Whats the end goal here?

So you could eventually slow down the business and have tons of community and connection? Or maybe just be a successful curmudgeon all by yourself in a dark cave forever? 😉

…But you’re crying out for community now. We don’t live in a vacuum…We’re biologically built for human connection. I want to help you build that. And NOT with an online community to replace real humans…in Pillar 3: Connection: we’re gonna build the stepping stones to you building a life where you are at the center of it, with humans draped all over you if you wish, or maybe you want to build something else. You decide.

You deserve to have a FULL life with deep connection to a partner or friends who GET you and celebrate you. You don’t have to scrap together a life until you someday build a massive empire. You’re worth it NOW. By doing that, you’re actually pushing that future farther off, because…

We get what we’re willing to put up with. If you’re alone it’s because at some point you unconsciously decided that that is all you deserved. And the wiring is still in full effect if you’ve read this far.

When you’re #aligned, you acknowledge your humanity. You realize you have needs and are cool with needing other humans…cuz you know, you’re a human.
In fact, stuff moves a lot quicker in your life when you’re willing to need other humans. Can you get heart broken easier? Yes. But you also can build much larger and greater things with other humans by your side.

Enter Aligned: 10 weeks to shift from Grind to Aligned

I created a 10 week program where I distilled down my best wisdom about creating a LIFE of entrepreneurship, not just a system to make money.

10 weeks to find YOUR Aligned life of Focus AND Fulfillment.

Shoot me a DM if you’re ready to shift from Grind to Aligned


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