Guilt was Crushing Me…

I just never get it right.

I’ve never had the “right” diet, or or the right workout, or relationships, or back-end system, or email marketing, or business model, or hobbies, or productivity system…it’s been my religion to attempt to optimize my life for years.

And I failed at it. And failed everyday, trying to learn one more how-to, or download another app to help, is sucked a little more of my self-respect out of me….

I’ve heard many of my clients say that…

My question in response is…

What if there was another way to be “high performance”?

Your body is an extension of your mind. It has far more information at its disposal, and if you’re willing to listen, it will tell you everything you’ve ever wanted or needed to hear from Tony Robbins or Tim Ferriss…


That your body will tell you exactly what THIS version of you, TODAY, needs specific support on.

Listening to the 3rd CD of Awakening the Giant Within is not going to give you that answer…

What if determining your resistance to doing a task was enough?

Then you could accomplish the task with ease, instead of grinding against your will, damaging your adrenals and telling your unconscious mind, “let’s always take action on things that don’t feel right”

Pretty soon, your body starts ONLY sending you signals to do things that don’t feel quite right.

You end up with business partners that don’t feel quite right, relationships with “”alpha guys”” that treat you like shit, or controlling women, or handing off tasks that you’d probably enjoy doing, because you’re programmed to do the grinding. The hustling.

What if instead of trying to optimize every moment, I felt got intimate with every moment to find the correct course of action?

What if instead of slogging through activities as a means to an end, I worked through them with the intention of fulfillment at every corner?

What if taking stimulants was a red flag that my body is not meant to be pushed to that speed?

What if energy management was more important than time management?

I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather enjoy my life as it goes along, rather than continuously pushing happiness off into the future. I’d rather do tasks that put me out of my comfort zone momentarily in order for me to grow from the tension, and yet doing it slowly and intentionally.

And we’ve lost our impulses, our intuition, our signals from our nervous system letting us know what’s right or wrong, and have placed that responsibility outside of ourselves and other people’s decisions, and the societal pressure of high performance and speed.

What if you had a productivity and fulfillment system that work for YOU?

…Introducing you back to your desires, your body, your intuition, your relationships, your life?

A. High-performance speed and undetermined happiness levels, someday in the future…


B. Fulfillment, Extraordinary levels of Health, Connectedness, Certainty and Clarity now.

You decide.

I’m looking for people in transition, sick and tired of the way they’ve been doing it, looking to be more effective and happy, rather than just efficient…

I’m putting together a group… if what I’m writing even slightly resonates with you and you want to get a jump start on feeling results, shoot me a PM


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