Many of us feel like we need pressure to perform. For money. For clients.

Think about all the times and different places in your life you create for the money, rather than simply for the joy of creating something special for someone.

That creates value in their lives. And let the money be a by-product of that creation.

Instead of consistently creating value, many of us get behind…

and spend our lives ADDICTED to putting out fires 🔥 Financially and Relationally, Our Health

“It’s bad enough, I feel pressure, time to work on this…”

It’s what we’re used to. So we keep doing it.

There IS another way.

1. consistently show up.

2. Take small, simple actions.

Rather than the herky-jerky, start-stop sprints, then rests that you’ve been doing.

Life is a marathon. Your business is a marathon.

So why do you keep sprinting?

It’s not a sprint! Stop sprinting. Slow down. Take your time.

3. Do the correct, ALIGNED actions that will gracefully put you in a position to win.

Some of us are built for constant sprints.

Others of us get burnt out.

My clients don’t get burnt out. We map out the blueprint days and tactical actions for their aligned success and joy.

And they’re small, these actions. And they love to show up to them consistently. They see results. They win. Their clients win. Everyone’s happy.

Be like my clients. Don’t get burnt out. Don’t sprint. Marathon.

Aligned: 10 weeks to shift from Grind to Aligned is happening July 22nd. If one of the spots is yours shoot me a PM.

It’s starting to fill up. Which is fun. So if you want in, let’s do this 👑


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