You’re Mentally Fat

We’ve become fat. Not physically, but mentally.

We don’t shower our minds. We don’t get in there to scrub them clean.

What happens when we do that?

When we scrub them clean leaving no residue?


Slow, Deliberate, Certainty.

Certainty comes in the exhales of life.

The emptiness. The lack of stuff. The end of the breath. A little death.

You’re meant for that.

Our minds.

They tend to run rampant garbling up more and more information.

It’s literally a choice. In the sake of “”high performance””, thinking this next hack will give me the answer.

I even get that knowledge is power, but there’s balance in everything.

If it’s not INTEGRATIVE: Into our being-ness, then it’s just trivia.

I’m sick of knowing trivia. I want to embody everything that I know.

I’m sick of YOU knowing trivia. You sound stupid when you say things that don’t match up with your physiology. I can tell you don’t walk what you talk.

Get quiet. Listen to more of what’s there inside of you. Work from what you got. Stop racing ahead with your mind. (I say this for myself as much as anyone else.)

It’s a practice.

Be a walking example.

That I don’t even have to use words. That I don’t have to dump more information. You already have enough of that.

Let’s work on the embodiment.

The certainty with what’s already there.

Clean, pure, certainty with what’s there.

No trivia. Just clarity. Just certainty. Just fulfillment.



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