You’re meant to have a business on fire 🔥

…BECAUSE your “human” is on fire first 🔥

Because you’re connected to your body, rather than fighting it, and your natural rhythms and cycles.

You’re meant for seamless and playful relationships. Because you’re just as connected to yourself, as you are you partner and friends.

You’re meant for symbiotic relationships.

You’re meant for a balanced lifestyle where others respect you because YOU respect you.

Where you don’t schedule things for others OVER scheduling time for self-reflection and creative space.

You’re meant to work less and get more done because you know and honor your rhythms.

You do your number one priorities when you have the highest energy and do lower priorities when you have the least.

Creative Warrior Key 🔑: You’re meant for that. If that’s not your norm, what’s missing?

Here’s to you Creative Warrior,


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