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By Simplifying and Decluttering our lives we can be in Integrity with ourselves and others.

We don’t miss appointments.

We don’t forget to take out the trash. Everything just smoothes out in our lives. Because there’s literally less for the brain to “attend” to, so it can give it’s attention abundantly to the task or idea at hand, rather than jumping from thing to thing to thing.

As we’re integrous with ourselves and others, there’s a sense of spaciousness to our lives. Like there isn’t anything left undone.

The feeling you get when your have inbox zero. We feel a greater sense of Self-Respect. We Trust ourselves more! We have more Confidence! OTHERS Respect us more. Others Trust us more! Our Energy is Clean and Focused!

If we aren’t in integrity with others and ourselves the opposite occurs.

We have lower self-confidence, we question our memories, forgetting things. We drop the ball. We experience anxiety, and others can feel it. They start to question if they can trust us.

Key: Have LESS agreements. With Others. With Yourself. So you can keep them. And feel great about yourself and life.


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