You Deserve Better

The world is running faster than ever.

With the rise of the optimized self movement in entrepreneurship, there is an inflated sense of needing to be better, faster and stronger.

  • To take neurotropics, and to heroically not sleep.
  • To automate everything, including our connection with loved ones.
  • To run manically from meeting to meeting.
  • and to squeeze 1 more minute of productivity out of our lives.

But what you’re missing is depth and quality with your clients and your loved ones.

You deserve to truly create and contribute more quality things as you experience more quality things, including more depth of connection in your relationships.

Because the energy of how something is created is how it must be sustained…

What do you want to sustain, peace and grounded or manic?

What’s sustainable for your system?

You deserve to feel grounded, as your building the future of our world 🌎

And play baseball ⚾️ sometimes…

#theembodiedentrepreneur #bodybasedbreakthrough

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