I’m noticing lately in my clients, and really, in myself, the desire to be rescued and saved.

There’s a difference between Support and Saving.

Support means you do all the work, while someone GUIDES or GIFTS 🎁 a lending hand. It’s done out of pure joy and love. In coaching, we can only give that. Support. We can never save or rescue a client.

We let them “borrow OUR belief in them while they’re building their own” as my mentor Shannon Graham once said to me.

Saving or Rescuing happens when we feel incapable, or think others are incapable, and EXPECT someone to help or we feel responsible to help. It’s no longer the GIFT of support.

Underneath it is Trust.

Trust that the other human is Capable, Creative and Complete all on their own.

That WE are Creative, Capable and Complete.

That you can handle this. That I don’t have a magic wand. Nor do my coaches, my wife or even my business partners.

So here is my call to you:

You are creative, you are capable, and you are complete.

I will stand right by your side in all my strength and power as you do the same.

Here’s to you Creative Warrior.

You got this.

I’m ready to Support 3 more people in The Supreme Performance Academy starting next Monday, Feb. 5th.

If you are on the fence, or are READY, shoot me a PM.


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