My client “Justin” just found out he’s responsible for creating 30 new applicants/month for his marketing company.

He’s really nervous, scared if he can consistently do that… After talking a little while I found out that Justin has 42 people around him that could support him.

Dividing 30 applications by 42 people, Justin’s responsible for 0.714 applications per month.

Not even a full application.

When you take 100% of the responsibility for your business or others, it feels hard or even impossible to imagine what it would look like to be able to have a bigger impact and not totally CRUSH your life…

Like, “I’m dying just making 10 K a month, I can’t even imagine making 30 K a month”

When you take too much responsibility for those around you, it can lead to overwhelm and burn out very quickly…

The Creative Warrior KEY 🔑 here is:

+ To own your genius, and do everything in your power either do the other things only during short 5-10 min bursts throughout the day, and hire support in the form of a coach/mentor/employee… someone to take some of the air out of the huge weight of responsibility.

+ Be willing to trust others to handle and take care of themselves, and set their own boundaries.

+ To learn to say “NO” when the project doesn’t lineup to your values or zone of genius…

+ To not micromanage or caretake for others…

+ To inspire + delegate it and forget it…

You got this Creative Warrior! …but not all of it…



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