You don’t need more information.

Your nervous system takes in 12 million stimuli per second.

While you’ve been freaking out thinking you don’t know enough and need to learn more, we’re busy missing out on your brilliance. (By we, I mean the rest of the world)

You keep trying to get another certificate or learn another system.

You don’t need that. It’s just another dopamine hit.

You know enough. And of course you’ll continue to learn more…but in the meantime, you need to start sharing.

Otherwise you’ll get Wisdom constipation…

(Too many downloads from outside sources, but not enough uploads to other outside sources from YOU)

You NEED Ownership and Embodiment. That’s the only way anyone’s going to buy your services.

Most of us are afraid we’re gonna give the wrong answer, because we need to be a guru or something.

We use it as an excuse to avoid changing the direction, and start really helping people.

You’ll forever be a learner if you don’t choose Own your business and Embody your Wisdom.

For those who are ready to transition to create more space to create AND have amazing relationships, shoot me a PM. The Creative Warrior Collective begins July 2nd! I have 5 spots left! Let’s do this!


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