It’s important to be understood. That’s all we as humans really want in connection. To hold and be held. To hear and be heard. Honored and acknowledged. To feel like our existence means something.

We’ve lost the art of honoring what’s there. Acknowledging ourselves and others.

We’ve gotten so caught up in utilitarian How-to’s and “getting ahead”, that we’ve lost what it means to truly be a HUMAN entrepreneur.

We’re caught up in looking for what we can get out of a situation. “Where are the clients and the money here?”, instead of “Where can I help?”

So much so, that we’ve stopped noticing each other, but REALLY we’ve stopped noticing OURSELVES.

OUR preferences, our desires, and needs….so we feel chronically misunderstood by others.

We feel undervalued. We feel resentful.

Where’s the acknowledgement?

Well, It’s the first thing that gets cut when we start moving from a culture of acknowledging and honoring each other, nature and ourselves —> to one of Grinding/Hustling and getting through, moving on to the next thing.

We’ve begun to move too fast…for happiness.

You can’t “hack” your way to happiness.

When people say it’s an inside job, it’s because it is.

It’s not one of rituals, automation, and minute saving time hacks. (External, and short lived sources.)

It’s a PROCESS of honoring and acknowledging that little awesome dude/dudette inside you that so deficient in affirmation and honoring. It builds a foundation of trust for yourself and others.

I have a process that I gives you back that time where you weren’t able to review your thoughts. One where you feel honored and acknowledged.

Where you stop feeling resentful, and start feeling fulfilled —> which leads to an awesome life.

I have 4 spots left in Aligned: 10 weeks to Shift from Grind to Aligned, starting NEXT MONDAY!

If you want more Trust, Acceptance and Acknowledgment, PM me!


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