You probably have some rules to the game that none of us do…

We ALL live our lives by “Shoulds”…

When I start

moving the pieces that don’t work with YOUR framework of the game, you get furious!

“You can’t do that! That’s not in my rulebook”, you protest…

The issue is, we all have different rule books, so you and I need to CONSULT each other on our combined rule books, in order to play by the same rules…

and get the results we BOTH want.

You can’t fairly expect anything without both agreeing to it.

Where are you resentful?

That is the key to your happiness in that relationship. (Doesn’t matter if it’s work or intimate relationships).

The space in between the two of you.

That Resentment you’re holdin’ is a blip in communication.

Dude, You have unspoken expectations of the rules.

You expected your actions would create one response from your partner or colleague, and instead, you got a totally different response.

You’ve been giving more than receiving in the relationship.

Probably expecting in good faith that it would come back around to you.

When it doesn’t, you start to resent the other person.

Key: Start only giving as a Gift: without expecting anything in return.

Simple, not easy.

Shoot me a PM if you have any questions.


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