Complaining changes nothing.

Dr. John Demartini says to look at the ACTIONS you’re taking instead.

You want to get the heart of your belief systems, conscious and unconscious?

The answer: What’s on your calendar vs. what you actually do.

Dr. John Demartini says, “I seldom pay attention to people’s complaints. I primarily look at their actions. No matter what people say, they won’t continue to do what they do if they don’t see more advantages than disadvantages in doing so. People may not be aware of what they see as advantages.”

They unconsciously believe “This behavior will be of benefit to achieving his or her highest goals”

Otherwise they wouldn’t keep doing it!

Creative Warrior Key 🔑:

+ If you’re procrastinating, it’s because (unconsciously) you believe that avoiding the task or denying it needs to get done, will make it go away.

+ If you’re complaining, but still follow my through you have a value that’s having you continue to show up for the work. Maybe it’s pleasing your audience, or Mom and Dad.

That value may be superseding your true value to NOT do the thing, so you keep doing it.

+ Check yo self out! What are you doing in a particular day?

The truth will set you free dude.


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