There’s a basketball court that I like to shoot hoops at. When a friend came into town, the parking lot was full, so we drove a few miles away to another basketball court to shoot hoops this Sunday.

We dripped the same sweat, ran after the same ball as hard as we would, and shot 100 free throws growing ever closer toward mastery of that 15 foot shot.

… Ever since then, I haven’t shot hoops.

It’s not because I haven’t had time, no, it’s because unconsciously I had to decide which place to shoot hoops at.

It seems minor, but choices, and decision fatigue greatly diminish our ability to act decisively and swiftly.

Because our minds already have troubles focusing and concentrating, when we come up against hard decisions, our brains typically flit to the next random topic.

We need to abolish decision FRICTION in our lives. Anything that makes you think long and hard about something, that you most likely WON’T think long and hard about.

Those decisions that you end up avoiding, or even deny you must make.

When we are selective and have only have one choice, we are 98% more likely to take action.

Which is what you want anyways, isn’t it, to take action?

Clear out the clutter, and you have action.


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