Why Athletes Get Paid Millions And You Can Too

I teach my clients a natural progression of warm up, sprint, rest, warm up, sprint, rest. And it changes everything in their lives.

If it can work for the highest paid group of people on the planet (athletes), it can work for you.

The Warm Up:

  • Warm up your spine
  • Warm up your hips
  • Warm up your shoulders
  • Warm up your wrists and ankles
  • Warm up your mind by dumping out all of the thoughts from yesterday (if after waking) or earlier in the day.
  • Pour in your personal creed to stimulate your soul.
  • Pray or meditate for support from God, Angels, Guides, Universe for the task ahead.
  • Get clear on the desired outcomes of your sprint.


  • Set a timer ⏱
  • Sprint through your one objective without distraction.


  • Walk to slow down your ”heart rate”
  • Pray and Meditation to calm the mind
  • Rest the body (nap, bath, massage) WITHOUT YOUR PHONE!


Try this today and DM me know your results.


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