When Ease Isn’t Working

Joseph Campbell said “Follow your Bliss”, but as he was passing, he said he wished he would have said “Follow Your Grunt”…

Aligned effort. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. To effort is sometimes frowned upon in our community. We are told to either hustle and grind, or find total ease and grace in every part of our lives.

What I have been finding lately, is when I find something worthwhile and aligned, it is easy and graceful at first. After a while though, it becomes effort.

Yin and Yang. Both are required.

That isn’t the time to stop or say it’s unaligned the moment I feel any resistance…


That’s called quitting.

Which is cool sometimes.

But what I’ve needed to evaluate lately is when something IS Aligned to my highest and best, and I need to exert effort to get it to the next place of ease and grace.

It may not be the thing that’s out of Alignment. It may be that I’ve been slipping AWAY from my highest and best…

🔑: The path back to my highest and best? Aligned Effort.

To slowly build the habits and routines back into my day that has me at my best. That may require…effort.

Just make sure it’s Aligned.


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