High Performance culture is the modern version of “Keeping up with the Joneses”.

It inspires us to feel less than others. It inspires guilt and shame for not keeping up!

We compare to see if we are using the latest tool that others are. If we have the lowest heart rate after running a marathon, or can survive on the fewest hours of sleep.

We feel constant worry and anxiety of getting behind, and simultaneously feel FOMO. We’ve lost our communities, so any crumbs we can get, we cling to.

We think, “I just need to add more optimization apps and tools to automate my life so I can have more time to work on more things”.

The thing High Performance Culture doesn’t inspire is S P A C E.

It doesn’t inspire honesty. It inspires quick band aid fixes.

When we allow for FORM to Follow FUNCTION in our lives, we get down to the Essentials.

We lose sight of the inessential. They just seem to not serve a function in our lives anymore. Our work becomes more potent. Our energy is strong. We flail around a lot less. Our work becomes simplified, streamlined and honest. We help more people. We make more money.

Again, not until we start with the function first. We can’t skip ahead to the outcome. That’s High Performance Culture. Looking for a “hack” or “cheat code” to the end of the game.

We want to instead inspire Space. Peace. Honesty. Clarity in our work. That’s what we do every time we value Function over Form.

It inspires others to be more specific about their work, themselves, their relationships. Their lives. To find Alignment…for them.

Keep Moving Forward.


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