In the new year, it’s so important that we not only focus on moving forward, and releasing the past year, but also acknowledging the SPECIFIC aspects we want to release.

As people pleasing, and over-giving entrepreneurs, we can tend to sweep things under the rug, pretending they’re not there.

The aspects of ourselves we don’t want to face.

That we hide about ourselves and from others.

Let this be the year that you let it all out.

Let people know about your shame.

The more and more you share the aspects of you that you’re the least proud of, the easier it becomes for you to accept those pieces, and use them to your advantage.

Otherwise, they will cling to the shadows, and ALWAYS pull you down.

This is your year to wipe away the heavy clumps of shame in your body and mind.

To make room for more freedom, joy, and productivity.

Here’s to you. Creative Warrior.


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