We Are Self-Organizing

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We are self-righting. Our nervous systems are always looking to close loops, either by following through, or neglecting the things that don’t compel us to follow through.

If we aren’t taking action on something, it’s because it hasn’t “gripped us” unconsciously.

We may say we need/want that thing, but it may not be where we our unconscious bodies/hearts are heading.

If our unconscious bodies/hearts were aligned to our minds, we’d ALREADY be taking the actions in alignment with that.

So we must connect to our bodies to collect those answers. To gain clarity. What we ARE a full-body YES to.

It’s our job to either renegotiate those agreements or get our bodies on board. And NOT by beating our bodies into submission, with crappy food or sitting for 18 hour work days, or mentally berating ourselves for NOT doing the things we “say we are going to do”.

Here’s to your full-body YES’S in 2020, and renegotiating the NOT full-body YES’S.

Your nervous system will thank you.


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