You don’t have to always fight tired and fatigue.

You’re meant to have intimacy, impact and income.

But they don’t come until you work WITH your body. With your rhythms. Your tired. Your fatigue.

You’re meant to have boundless energy, IF you take care of your tired, and honor it.

If you manufacture energy with caffeine and stimulants, then you manufacture sleep. Meaning, not deep or restful sleep.

You’re meant for Unconscious High Performance.

Where you don’t have to question if you are Performing at your Best, because you’re busy BEING at your Best.

The performance is based on you, and your internal drive and rhythms, rather than basing your health and happiness on the external projects or clients happiness.

You can’t sustainably win from there. Where someone else has the control of your happiness.

Creative Warrior Key 🔑:

It’s all gotta start inside. Setting up relationships, community and performance goals based on the Internal cues, not the external cues.

Take Ownership back.

You’re the owner of your life, quit renting it from your partner, boss, family and peers.

Because your life is set up for you to thrive, including your environment and relationships.


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