This week I’ll be sharing the 5 Keys to the Art and Science of Trust and Self-Confidence.

That glorious thing that we all have inside. That internal sense of “I got this.”

That place where decisiveness comes from. That entrepreneurs need in spades, alongside Faith and Belief.

That thing in your gut that says “UH-HUH” (yes), and “NA-UH” (no).

Like an improv actor who has confidence that at any moment, they WILL know what they need to do get through the scene, and make it even BETTER! More dramatic or funny.

Many of us were told at a very young age to not trust that voice inside. That the parents, teachers, religion have the answers. As we get older we attempt to CONTROL people and circumstances to make us feel comfortable, because we haven’t mastered Trust within ourselves.

When we Trust the Universe and ourselves, we follow others lead less and begin to carve out a path all our own. Like we’re built to do. Sometimes we may ruffle feathers, but the true art and science of trust comes in having compassion for ourselves and others processes, and maintaining strong boundaries around what is true for US. Finding and maintaining our ascent towards our True North.

We can never get bull-dozed by others when we trust ourselves.

We can never “lose” when we trust ourselves, because our foundation is one of confidence that it’s all meant to take us to another, better place. And that we WILL figure out have make it our place of “success”.

I’ve recently found the more I trust in myself, and the Universe at large, the greater sense of peace I experience in every moment.

As entrepreneurs today, we deeply yearn for Trust. Of ourselves, of others, and of humanity and the Universe as a whole.

Here are 5 ways to learn the Art and Science of Trust and Self-Confidence.


The Goal in Trust is Being in RIGHT RELATIONSHIP with your Unconscious Mind aka Your Body. Asking it questions and thanking it. Trust is a visceral experience. Our minds can have Faith and Belief, but Trust is something I feel in my most basic foundations of my body.

When high performance coaches teach, “Just take MASSIVE Action”, they’re missing a big piece of the equation. Yeah, it’s important to be courageous! While being BOLD and courageous is important, it’s only meant for BIG moments. Our lives are made up of small moments strung together by some really BIG moments. But we need consistent, rockstar small moments to lead us to greater and greater BIG moments.

So the 1st component to Trusting deeper is connection. Connection to our bodies. We’ve lost that connection. We eat too much, scroll too much, drink too much, ignoring our bodies signals. Eventually it just stops sending the signals. We want to rebuild this trust and connection. Listening to our bodies wisdom brings about more Trust.

Keep Moving Forward.


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