Go back and read stuff before cell phones.

His work takes me to another world.

It’s like fiction, but better.

I’m swept into a time and place before the hustle. Before the grind.

When people sat around, and listened to each other’s stories and engaged with philosophy.

Where idol time and boredom was the norm, and it was embraced.

Creativity was at an all time high.

Where anxiety and auto-immune diseases virtually didn’t exist…

Where knowledge really was power.

Now, I can have it all on Google…so now knowledge isn’t power…It’s actually the thing STOPPING ME from progress and evolution.

I’m finding more and more as I read Emerson and ancient literature that I’m meant to be immersed in my body and the essentials.

I’m obese with information and knowledge…perhaps you can relate.

I’m scrawny in deeply immersive experience.

Anything time I think I have more pressing things, I’m not being discerning enough.

Here’s to your transmission and slowing down to your experience.


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