Mastery is not about NEVER doing something again, or getting it perfect every time.

Instagram and Facebook would have us believe that those who share are perfect.

🔑: Mastery is about Turn around Time.

It’s about assuming that we WILL mess it up.

It’s about dropping being a super human, and having a mindset of allowing ourselves to NOT get it correct, and create a bridge BACK to our lane, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

To be willing to get off course. To screw it up.

It allows the grey area of…you know, like, being human and stuff…

Instead of black and white….
1. I’m good and I’m doing it correctly. I’m a deserving and worthy human.


2. I’m doing it incorrectly, and therefore must feel shame and punishment. Either by others or from myself.

The second one is seen anytime we eat one cookie, and say…”Funk it, I’ll just eat the rest of the bag. I’ve already lost this race…matter fact, I might as well just quit this diet, because I am so shameful and useless and lazy”

In my course Aligned, we talk heavily about being a human while still running a successful business.

Mastery comes in the cracks of being able to catch a red flag 🚩 moment and compassionately bring ourselves back on track (To shorten the loop time)

We shorten it every time we don’t shame ourselves and get angry 😤 at ourselves for our mistakes…

It’s when we laugh and say…”oh whoops, here I am doing that thing again”, that we can say, “I’m really committed to that other path, so I’m going to shift back to that”

If you’ve wanted Mastery, and not the beat yourself up kind, in your business and life, then shoot me a PM.

Aligned begins July 22nd! THIS MONTH. Spots are filling up quick!

Let’s do this 👑


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