“Mike” has been having troubles making money the last couple of years as a coach and thought leader for bloggers. He’s a genius coach and the best metaphor generator I know.

He hasn’t been able to find a system that’s worked for HIM to make money.

He’s tried every system there is, and talked to every guru and mentor who’s promptly told him that his ideas were wrong, and he should go back to the drawing board.

It wasn’t until we spoke last week, that Mike found out that the missing link was actually Self-Trust.

To follow, as he says, “Process over Perfection“.

To find a internal system, rather than the newest and shiniest external system given to him.

He knew my program helps you build YOUR OWN internal and external systems for Supreme Performance in your biz and relationships.

He didn’t know exactly how he was going to get those results, but he knew he needed support to not fall back into his old patterns of giving up on HIS vision for the vision of others.

He was ready to get unstuck…

He said “YES!”

The moment Mike made the declaration to join my group beginning next Monday, February 5th, he set into motion a cascade of events, not only releasing his resignation about his place in life, but also…he MADE SWEEET money, fast. What?

Mike worked with a client for the past two years, and because of his big warm heart, and the woman’s financial hardships, Sam chose to continue working with her for the last 5 months, on good faith she would pay it back.

One day after Mike committed to being a part of The Supreme Performance Academy…

The woman called to announce that she was ON THE WAY to his HOME to HAND-DELIVER a Certified Check from Chase bank for the exact balance she owed after 5 months of non-payment! That’s unheard of!

Miracles happen. Not when you least expect it, but rather when you make bold declarations to the universe.

(Miracles not guaranteed) but are likely, when you choose to boldly step into YOU 2.0.

The Power of Commitment. It sets miracles into motion.

There are only 5 spots available for The Supreme Performance Academy. Is one of them yours?

Shoot me a PM to chat.


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