Reclaim the tools that ground you.

Instead of constantly reaching for the next best tool, app, biohack or breakthrough technology, keep consistent with what WORKS for YOU to build progress.

I’m finding that the more I automate things in my life, the more I completely lose track of them.

With a flurry of new apps that promise to make all of my time management woe’s disappear, I find I get more stressed trying to remember WHICH time management app I used to put that information on! Or the search feature just can’t seem to find it.

What this tells me is I’m going too quickly. I need to slow down. And take the time to physically WRITE IT DOWN. in a journal. Yep.

I’m a journal user. And so are most billionaires. (no joke) I manually keep track of the key metrics in my business. And it WORKS!

Keep Moving Forward.


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