THE 2 WAYS YOU’RE MOTIVATED…and why you only want 1 way.

Are you motivated to find relief from that gnawing feeling of “I’m lazy”, or “It’s never enough?”

Living someone else’s values, and getting burnt out or bored constantly?

Pushing your happiness in the future for some day?

“Hopefully someday I can make enough money, or establish myself in the business, or…to finally breathe.”

The sad thing is, you’ve been getting these results because that’s what you’ve BEEN doing.

Your brain is getting rewarded every time you push your happiness out into the future because that’s what you trained it to do.

Creative Warrior Key 🔑:

+ It’s time to rebuild your life on a foundation of inspiration.

+ Figure out YOUR values

+ Start with your current agreements, and decide what conversations need to be had so you can either renegotiate those agreements or flush them down the toilet.

+ Wipe you calendar clean, and decide what you’d LIKE to be doing, and see where the overlap is with what you’re currently doing and where they are different.

+ Build your daily calendar and your goals around your Values…and finish up any agreements you’ve been holding onto for too long.


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