The 1 Thing Standing in Your Way of Action

-In order to do the BEST work you can produce.

-In order to feel confident or powerful in what it is you are creating…

You must first stop, come back into presence, and find your rhythm. Like getting out of step in a dance 💃

Instead of stumbling for another 10 steps trying to get your feet right, it’s best to just pause…then come back into rhythm.

As soon as you come back into rhythm, you can go back at it with even more motivation, speed and innovation, because you are mindful of your rhythm and process, and really nailing those fundamentals.

Right now. Pause. Breath evenly into both sides of your torso.

Notice the natural cycle of inhale and exhale. The one most common to you.

Now, you can sync back up with the rhythm of the world.

If you connect to you, you can then connect to the world.

And truly Innovate.

#alignedperformance #bodybasedbreakthrough


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