What’s your problem?

Capture it. Write it down.

It takes all the emotion out of it.

It separates out the idea from the emotion.

Redefine the problem, you’re having with a client or partner or with your work,

Instead of asking, “WHY is this happening?”

ask Objectively,

“WHAT is happening?”

“Why”, is an emotional question that throws us down a rabbit hole, unable to find objective answers, and keeps us stuck in more unsure-edness.

“What”, on the other hand rises us up to be able to see everything from a 30,000 foot view.

Peel aside all the emotional questions of why THEY’RE doing or not doing, and why YOU’RE doing or not doing.

By simply asking WHAT, you get back in the action and take your power back.

If you were tired of the entrepreneurial roller coaster, shoot me a message, I have a special gift for you.


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