Give your clients, partner, friends the opportunity to step up.

Pull back from your overly responsible nature…it’s well-intentioned, but it’s hurting not just you, but your partners (business or intimate) ability to show up to their lives.

It’s sucking the life out of you to placate everyone.

You’re never able to truly feel the freedom you want because you have to vigilantly keep your eye on those who you might let down…

Unconsciously, you’re waiting to see, “Will he/she Accept me?”…To see which parts of you are allowed to come to the table…And which parts you have to fight for or get defensive about.

So you maintain control and taking responsibility for them, hoping they’ll accept all the parts of you because you give so much in responsibility, that hopefully they’ll let you be all of yourself.

Creative Warrior Key 🔑:

Always assume your partner accepts you. Allow for them to take responsibility for themselves.

We’re ready for all of you,


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