I’m confused on what you do Matthew.

Sometimes you talk about productivity, other times you talk about relationships.

Here was my response.

“It’s all relationships.”

And not the kind you’re thinking.

We have relationships with all aspects of our lives.

Us, as a dynamic moving thing, in relation with that other, moving, dynamic target of our partner, our money, our work, etc.

My conversation with clients is always how do I BALANCE all of those relationships for maximum satisfaction and success?

Some of these relationships we’re nailing, others we’re failing at miserably.

How do you manage those relationships?

Are you even clear on how you stand with those relationships?

Creative Warrior Key 🔑: Balance is a myth. On the whole, 50/50 is not going to make sense for most people…but what’s important is to find YOUR RELATIONSHIP to those aspects of your life. THAT is the balance…

Balance for you may be 70% business, 10% hobbies and friends, and 20% family!

It’s up to you. The important part is to make it a conscious choice, and OWN that truth.

You control your outcomes and circumstances. Own those relationships Yo!


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