Two of my besties Stephen Lovegrove and Brooke Kalan constantly pull reality to them rather than the other way around.

Stephen is America’s Life Coach. He hosts TV shows, and helps celebrities and influencers get connected to God! It’s Incredible!

Brooke is a unicorn 🦄 of many awe inspiring accomplishments that she makes look easy. She’s an intuitive psychic ninja, and a bad ass with the Law of Attraction!

They speak it, and follow it, as that existence follows them back.

It’s Universal Instagram.

Following and getting followed back by the desire.

They pray and move their feet, more creating the space for the experiences to get pulled into their lives.

It’s not fake it till you make it.

Creative Warrior Key 🔑: It’s “BE it, then you’ll SEE it.”

See your desires as done. And make space in your life for that reality.

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