People are always asking me what’s appropriate for a morning routine.

Do you want to know what’s appropriate?


Something you can reasonably agree to do for yourself, and follow through on every day that you agree to it.

Where we get into issues, is learning the super-secret silver bullet formula, (which we cannot unlearn), and then try to shove it into our lives, when it may not be appropriate.

You gotta make something that every PART of you can get on board with.

Where there isn’t any lingering doubt, that you’re not good enough, or it’s too hard to keep up with.

Because you’re mind is going to be telling you to do it, but your whole being outside of that will be resisting it.

Aka: Forced Maturity.

Which leads to short-term results, without long-term follow through.

Most of the reason you don’t have a life and results that you love, It’s because of piecemeal-ed together a life that others told you was right for you.

For me, I have a repeatable routine that only lasts 50 minutes and can be scaled up or down as much as I want, down to 15 min!

For me and my clients, it’s important to hit Mind + Body + Soul.

Wake up, engage, and align all part of my being.

First: Body

Second: Mind + Breath

Third: Soul

What are you been doing lately to wake up, engage and align yourself?

If the answer is nothing, we need to talk, because you’re probably missing about 30-60% of your productivity.

Shoot me a PM.


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