Beyond all the external systems to automate your business, sleep, relationships and exercise…they’re all band-aids.

Who are you without your brain drugs and fitness tracker and fancy glasses?

What about INTERNAL systems for High Performance?

What about Connection to Ourselves and Others, Trust, Acceptance, Self-Reliance, True Power, Unlimited energy to do what you love? …Without the coffee or brain drugs.

Checking In vs. Checking Out.

One’s about taking full responsibility for our lives and our attention.

The other about “hacking”, without true power. And giving away our ability to be at our best to an outside source. Whether that be our partner, the drug, or the “automated” system. There’s a shelf life on external High Performance. It has to be replenished.

I’d much rather rely on something I can trust to always come through. Plus, it leads to happiness and true power…

You know why?

Because it’s Real.

It’s from the source. It’s human and divine all at the same time.

External ways of achieving more have an expiration date…I took tons of adderall throughout my time working for a start up and trying to “Optimize” every part of my life. I get alone. Tired and burnt out.

It catches up to your body…and your mind…and your soul.

Here’s to your true power, true connection, and true confidence.

Truly High Performance.


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