Paralysis by Analysis. Are you in it?

Many of us walk around with 15 projects rolling around our minds, a little fuzzy on where each project begins or ends, or really what the next step is the next time we’re in front of the project…So we walk around piling up more projects and more anxiety from the having yet another thing on our minds, that isn’t the satisfaction of completion, but rather the frustration and disappointment of another fuzzy thing we’re pretty sure we’re supposed to do something about, but are unsure of what that is.

We’re so desperate to play, but instead…we spend our time unsure of who we were supposed to email, or we hope that by sitting in front of our computers with glazed over eyes glazed for 8 hours that we can say we put in a “days work”…

“You know, I can’t really recall what I am doing this for…what was I even working on all day?”

We think the answer is to ask someone else for the answer.

To get an outside opinion. Sometimes this helps with that particular issue, but we never address the underlying issue of always needing more, without ever taking stock of what we have. If we don’t take stock, the more just goes into a black hole. When is enough enough? We never know unless we actually check in with an inventory.

Many of us live in a state never fully working, and never fully playing. We are just frozen. Stuck between two worlds, burning out with anxiety, and eventually depression.

Create Structure:

We need structure. Aligned structure. That we can commit to, to allow our minds to rest when we get up and walk away from our work to be with our loved ones, hobbies and communities.

When we instead create structure to make note of where we finish and where we want to pick up, we can actually relax when we go away. We can then get perspective.

Shoot me a message and I’m happy to help with the structure. Let’s get some perspective. 👑


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