Don’t tell me you just couldn’t or can’t because of some other scheduling reason.

Don’t be lazy.

Be Selective. Be Decisive.

Steve Chandler says “busyness is laziness”

Choose what you want today.

How often do you use the excuse “I’m busy”, rather than I take full ownership of your choices?

Take back your life today. Like…this day.

The day you’re reading this.

As a people pleaser, we want to avoid all conflict, but in doing so, our calendars suck, and we give all of our power away to outside circumstances.

As an exercise this week, make all of your appointments, YOUR choices, and stand behind those choices as things you CHOSE to do, rather than another person, schedule, project, or phone call making that choice for you.

It’s the most liberating thing as a people pleaser to lineup your intentions with your actions AND words.

You’ll stop feeling like an imposter.

Most of your overwhelm comes from fighting AGAINST your schedule…promising things, rather than choosing things…

Do you end up procrastinating on those things you promised that you didn’t choose to do, and quickly get overwhelmed at the piles and piles of mounting “work” that wasn’t yours to do to begin with?

Start feeling like a hero over your workday and life.


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