Make Your High Performance Lifestyle Stick

True High Performance is about subtraction. Not adding more stuff.

Integration of the mental-10-step-roadmap-blueprint-how-to-principles that high achieving entrepreneurs eat for breakfast.

Many of us are moving fast. Too fast to incorporate this incredible information INTO our lives.

It just becomes another awesome idea we know, that doesn’t show up IN our lives.

An Embodied Entrepreneur meets their development beyond the short term results that quick start guides tell us to incorporate.

They jump off of the hamster wheel of new information that doesn’t actually move them forward.

The disorganized entrepreneur is stuck in the learning phase. Podcasts, ebooks and YouTube interviews. (Been there, done that)

The Embodied Entrepreneur is in the slow, consistent, sustained, DOING phase.


They have a strong foundation that they are building on. Diligently everyday. They have confidence, because all of their work is embodied. Felt. Experienced deeper than the flimsy mental experience that’s constantly in flux. Changing all the time.

An Embodied Entrepreneur takes the right steps, in the right sequence, slowly and deliberately. Addicted to the process rather than the high highs and the low lows. They simply keep moving forward towards a more compelling future, where they take into account their whole human throughout each day.

Their health
Their relationships
Their business

All together and all separate and Incorporated.

My wife Amanda and I teach a course on Relational Intelligence. It’s about interpersonal relationships, but also about how we have a relationship to every aspect of our lives…the Embodied Entrepreneur sees these relationships and works to strengthen the bonds of the essentials. The things that make them…THEM. There is no cookie cutter guide to essential. That hand crafted, and bespoke to the individual. Their needs and desires on this planet.

The Embodied Entrepreneur focuses on their health, their friendships, their cycles and rhythms. They work daily in THEIR windows of peak energy, while building their energy and focus during the other times of day.

They focus strongly on their breathing. Their body. Their connection to their projects. Their partner. Their craft and trajectory of their purpose on earth.

Creating their legacy.

If you’ve read this far, I’m opening my schedule for 2 more 1 on 1 clients for the next 6 Months. Perhaps you’re one of them.

If it’s time to Make your High Performance mindset stick in your being as a truly lived lifestyle, send me a DM.

P.S. This is SO fun. I want more of you to experience this.

Hugs, 🤗

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