I’ve Lost Clarity of My Vision

Matthew CookeMany of us have lost sight of doing something important, and instead have just focused on the trappings of doing something important. (i.e. money, success, etc)

Like going to school JUST for the degree, rather than the education which leads to —-> the degree.

Instagram and Facebook are mostly photo-based, and because we can’t “show” impact through photos, most people show the results of making an impact with their stacks of money, flashy Lamborghini cars, or expensive models in bikinis…

So it’s easy to lose sight of this intangible thing called impact…

I want to point you back to that vision you had in the first place. To impact people’s lives.

If you’re in this for money do something else.

I’m in this to make someone’s life smoother, and elegant. I’m here for Alignment and Excellence.

Let’s go back and ENJOY the education of the degree (Remember why you’re here).

Build your foundation in being human and you will make so much more money, have so many more friends, impact and love in your life.

If you’re feeling the glass ceiling in your business, I now only have one ☝🏼 spot left in my The Grind to Aligned ™ Mentorship.

A 6 month journey to completely revamp your lifestyle and relationships to fit YOU.

6 months: To Increase your Sales, Deepen your Relationships, ending with a VIP weekend of you and I ACTUALLY taking calls…laying on the beach 🏖 …if you’re into that kinda thing…

You know if this last spot is for you. Shoot me a DM, because it’s probably gonna go this week.


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