We get overwhelmed when we have too much on our plates…too many projects left undone.

And we have reasons that we don’t complete the projects, but it’s never the reason that you think.

You may think it’s the overwhelm or the anxiety on the surface.

But it’s actually the fear about something that’s stopping you.

Many times it’s too scary to confront those feelings, so we stuff them by STAYING confused, overwhelmed or anxious.

We’re too busy nursing these topical anxieties that we never actually get to the REAL thing stopping us.

We get stuck in Contemplation Cyclone!

Never shifting our circumstances, but instead just trying to avoid the next wildfire that we’ll have to put out.

Your work is to look 👀 through the wildfire to see what’s really wanting your attention in the very back of the woods.

Address that, and all the wildfires and drama in your life go away.


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