I’m sorry that you haven’t felt well enough.
That you haven’t felt the space.
The freedom. To feel all of you.

Come rest in this place a while. I’ll keep it warm for you.

When everyone’s asking for you, and you have to harden, to clench, to seize up.

I’m here to hold you and coax you back to warm. To spaciousness.

It’s your birthright. To feel this good. This illuminated. This unobstructed.

This clear.

You’re meant to feel this way.

I’m sorry it’s been so hard.

Let’s change that. I’m here for you.

To build walls only of love. Only for deeper connection to yourself.

You’re meant to rise up, and feel so much Grace.

It’s yours.

It’s available.

Not at every moment like others say.

But if for just one moment as you read my words and feel how I feel.

This warmth is for you.

Bask in it.



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