I’m Never Satisfied With My Success

That was me for a long time. And it still is for people that come to me.

Never feeling filled up or satisfied with their achievements. They feel empty.

Everything that’s accomplished gets sucked into a black hole.

Most times it’s because they’re hoping someone else will approve of their efforts.

Someone will acknowledge them. Tell them they are special, and made a difference.

And when no one does, they have to try harder and harder, each time feeling more disappointed than the time before. It’s thankless. The work….when it’s for someone else. When they cross the finish line looking around for smiling faces.

Instead, it’s gotta be for YOU. For YOUR satisfaction, and better yet, something where you fall in love with the process of becoming (shout out to Michelle Obama). The consistency of moving towards that something.

🔑 The reward is in the pursuit, and taking on the risk or challenge. It can’t be in the outcome. Because there will always be another outcome.

AND the outcome may not be what you wanted. You may get rejected and pushed down. If that’s what you’re basing the work on, even though it’s out of your control, you’ll quit, or be miserable, and lose out on all the goodness of the pursuit.

The becoming of ownership and self-leadership is the goal. Not the destination.

The destination focus keeps pushing happiness out into the future. “Happiness” has gotta be NOW and forever or it’s not happening. It’s not external.

In 2019, it’s more popular than ever to be an entrepreneur.

People search Google for “online income” 40,000 per sec. (I made that up to illustrate the point, but it’s probably close).

We see the ability to have freedom. We see the $200,000 cars, the exciting night life, and six pack abs, but many of us don’t have, or learn the foundational principals to success that get those people to where they are.

The foundation of BEING.

Perhaps you started a business and are a couple of months or years in and are still struggling with the emotional roller coaster of anxiety, or perhaps can’t set boundaries well around your work time or procrastinate or work too much.

My work is for that.

The silver bullet does not exist. I hate to break this to you, but building a business takes consistency over time. So let’s get intimate with that idea. Get rich quick schemes don’t work quickly.

I want to teach you not how to cope, but how to thrive in the hours outside of your time making your Instagram posts, and building a website and getting business cards.

Next year, I’m going to relaunch The Supreme Performance Academy at the end of January. It’s going to be for a select few.

I’m going to include some cool bonuses like Your Body Blueprint, and maybe an in-person component to make 2019, the best year yet.

You know if you’re ready. Shoot me a PM.



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