I work with people in transition. In life transitions.

Some call it their “Bridge work” to something else.

It’s literally bridging the gap into the life they really want.

The pain of being where they were was too much, and they don’t know how to make the leap to where they’re going.

Where they were before the transition worked for a time.

It kept them safe, they had their needs met, and perhaps they even had moments of happiness.

And YET, they could feel that there was something more.

A lifestyle,

and a way to be MORE PRODUCTIVE,

AND get all of the things they want in life…

…Without the STRUGGLE of it.

…Without the DRAMA.

They realize that they’re done hating aspects of their job, and want to change their RELATIONSHIP TO THEIR WORK AND THEIR LIFE….

That’s when they call me in. In their little black book. To “”hack”” THEIR primal blueprint.

Their rhythms.

Their cycles.

To find Clarity. Vitality. Focus. Connection. And Ease. Once and for all.

To understand how they literally “tick”.

On an unconscious level.

If you’re in transition, and looking for some structure and support to find YOUR style of productivity, and clarity making, shoot me a PM.

My course begins July 22nd. If this resonates for you, then You MUST be a part of this community I’m creating.

Aligned: 👑 10 weeks to Shift from “Grind” to Aligned begins July 22nd. 💫

If you’re interested in chatting about it, shoot me a PM.


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