I’m Done Being Alone

I’ve always been a loner.

A hermit.

And at the face of potential adversity in my business or personal relationships will hunker down…in my bunker.

Deep inside myself, I’ll burrow down, closing off emotionally from the world, hoping to just remain stoic until the chaos crescendos and comes to stillness outside and around me…

Once it quiets, I can come up for air later and pick up the pieces.

Perhaps you can relate.

Social media gives us even more reason to do this. Seeing others and relating to their content gives us a false sense of connection. Like we’re relating with the world….but it’s missing one huge component.


To a community. To a small group of people. Who intimately know our struggles as well as we do. To share and confide in. And to cry with. And laugh with.

And worse, if we don’t connect, but just look longingly from the outside, the effects on our physical and mental health are detrimental.

Large “Tribes” are becoming the norm. To be part of a group of perhaps millions of people with a common goal.

At a certain point true BELONGING with a capital B and individuals, drop away in exchange for a “movement”.

A faceless crowd, and while movements are important for humanity, they are crushing for our souls.

We need to be seen. As me. As you.

Not as a faceless group. Mushing into anonymity.

You’re meant to belong. I wish that for you and everyone you hold dear.

And if you don’t hold anyone dear at the moment, I wish that for you.

If you’re reading this and you don’t feel as though belong as an individual in a community, you probably don’t feel like you fully belong inside yourself either. To feel fully comfortable and confident in your own skin.

Your Body Blueprint begins tomorrow. It’s 5 weeks long. There’s a weekly video call, and audio and visual tools for greater belonging.

There’s one spot left. The course is 50% off for this last person who wants in.

Because it’s a Beta course of mine, that makes the price just $500.

First to comment below or message me gets it.

You deserve to belong. In your body and a community.


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