I Love Too Much

“He stands too close to the other kids”, said my kindergarten teacher.

“Matthew gets in other kids faces, and it’s uncomfortable.”

I wanted to explore every facet of intimacy and being close to others. I wanted to see the freckles on their faces, and have a front row seat for their big smiles when I made them laugh.

But I was told that was wrong. My teacher said that was wrong.

So what did little Matthew do, I retreated.

I closed my heart, I became a Lonewolf.

Choosing to stay on the outskirts of social connection.

Watching everyone else connect as I felt an outsider. Peering in through a small crack in the glass.

“I get hurt in relationships and it’s not safe to be close to people”, was my thought for a very long time…

I decided, “when I do something great, when I perform the highest, get the best grade, swish the three pointer, THEN I can have closeness…

Fast forward to college, and getting the first international internship for my program, Starting the yoga and meditation club UWSP, and eventually being part of an elite start up, building the Netflix for optimal living. It was all about doing it right, for attention. For love…

My action was excessive and my thirst for love knew no bounds…

It was a black hole of achievement that never led to love and connection.

Until I met Amanda.

Who showed me how safe love is. And how valuable I am beyond anything I can produce or perform with mastery.

I read books, I learned techniques, and simple exercises open my heart, and melt the walls pushing away love and intimacy that had protected me for so many years…

And I want to share that with you.

It’s Week 4 of my LIVE course beginning November 19th called Your Body Blueprint.

The Module is called “Your Hearts Expression.”

It’s for you. To open back up. Filled with neuroscience, simple meditation, breathing, and movement exercises to open you to greater love.

PM me for details.


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