I Don’t Ever Take A Stand For What’s Right

Matthew CookeI remember hearing “Pick your battles”, growing up…and didn’t necessarily see anyone pick a battle.

With others, or with themselves.



For what’s right.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve seen more and more people deflect responsibility, myself included…and stand in indifference to their choices and the world around them….

They get lost in the inertia of “This is just how it is, (insert eye 👁 roll)

🔥 Where’s the sacred and the passion in what we do? 🔥

I am STEPPING IN this year. 👑

The cure for Indifference and not taking responsibility…is Enthusiasm. 🔥

Pure Joy and Enthusiasm for what you believe in.

If you’re in transition, and figuring out what that looks like for you, I have two spots left in The Grind to Aligned ™ Mentorship.

A 6 month journey to completely revamp your lifestyle and relationships to fit YOU.

Your blueprint and design. There will be no cookie cutter formula.

Just you and me.

6 months: To Increase your Sales, Deepen your Relationships, ending with a VIP weekend of you and I ACTUALLY taking calls…laying on the beach 🏖 …if you’re into that kinda thing…

We’ll uncover how YOU best do:
-Sales and Marketing
-Incredible Relationships!
-Bulletproof Systems and Automation with clients screaming from the rooftops about how awesome your work is.
-Laser Focus.
-Actually hobbies. (Remember those things before phones?)
-Simplicity and True Freedom.

Shoot me a DM if you’ve been watching from the sidelines and are ready to have it all.


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