Here’s a photo of Amanda Ranae and I eating a BOUNTY of cheese, meat and wine in Paris…I never would have allowed myself this a couple of years ago…


Stimulants + Sleep aids.

Peak states.

Optimizing every hour for peak performance.

The Top 10 How-To’s.

Why was no one pointing my focus back to ME?

To my answers, to my wisdom, to my emotions, to my preferences, to my highest efficiency.

I began optimizing for the sake of optimizing.

For the sake of saving five minutes, while in return, losing heaps of fulfillment. Moments of connection with my dog, or my woman, or my friends, or my family, or frankly my breath…

Although I felt on top of the world because I would pump myself up with stimulants and exercises to make me feel on top of the world, I slowly lost touch with myself….

No one built a system for me to build a system THAT WORKS FOR ME.

Over time, I broke down, trying to optimize. To get “”the edge”” on my “”competition””.

It was devastating the day a chiropractor told me I had had a rib out of place for potentially years, and I had no idea…

My skin was turning yellow because my liver wasn’t properly filtering out the toxins of my body, because it was busy metabolizing the caffeine I was pouring into it 2 to 5 times a day…

No one told me about my body, and it’s limits, and it’s untapped potential…

If you’re done with the shit above, and want holistic, effective and powerful high performance with no side effects, where you lead with your heart, and have fulfilling relationships, WHILE having a thriving body and business…

I’ll be doing a FB LIVE tomorrow at 1:45pm PT about Challenging the status quo, and making an impact, without having to burn out your body, along with a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT!

See you tomorrow!


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