“I want to contribute even more…but I don’t have anymore time or energy.”

“Let’s make some” I say.

“Your priorities are out of whack.”

So many people come to me feeling stuck or burnt out.

Feeling like they are stuck in their career, or stuck with their partner, or with the physical energy and time they see here, right now.

Taking too much responsibility here, and not enough there,

Saying “YES” when you really mean “NO”, and saying “NO” when you mean “YES”

Passing up the aligned opportunities, and sticking around for the old ones that feel safe, and small.

Making agreements that stop THE fullest you from coming out, to create more and contribute more.

It’s time for you to jump into the new arena.

To quit doing what your “supposed to do”, and start living life with YOUR rhythms, and your “YES’s”, and your “NO’s”

And contribute MORE, with EASE.

You’re curious why you’re self sabotaging and not fully Committing to any of your projects or your mission?

They all TAKE something from you.

Because they’re not symbiotic or aligned to who you are really meant to show up HERE AS….

So why the hell WOULD you stick to that commitment?

The unconscious is so much more powerful than your willpower to muscle through it.

It’s time for Aligned Accountability dude…

To your Work and Legacy
To your Health and Daily Schedule.
To your Relationships and Family…

Let’s do this.


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