Income, Impact and Intimacy

Build circumstances around you, not building yourself around circumstances.

You’ve been building your happiness around your business and how others approve or disapprove of you.

As a Creative Warrior, you care so much that you can get caught up in others calendars and agendas and react to the noise AROUND you…

Rather than the noise WITHIN you.

Creative Warrior, you’re meant for a world where the noise around you responds to YOUR NOISE.

A world where YOU move and others follow.

Where you OWN your days.

You own your time.
You own your energy.
You own your power. Your yes, your no.

Where people are magnetized by your level of ownership….

THAT is confidence.

But it all starts with:

Creative Warrior Key 🔑: Self-Trust

To be so viscerally connected to yourself. To know answers in your gut.


Rather than having to pull at mental strings hoping others will approve of your answer.

You’re meant for “I GOT THIS” Creative Warrior.
Matthew Cooke


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