How Long Do You Plan on Having Your Business?

Stacy scheduled an interview at 9am with a podcast, skipping her morning practices and time with her partner that she normally does every day…for two weeks.

She had been passing up this time with her man, and time with herself.

And it was starting to show. She wasn’t sleeping as well, and she wasn’t truly showing up at the highest for her interviews for a big promotional launch 🚀 for her new book.

So I asked her: “How long do you plan on having your business for?”

Her answer: “FOREVER!!”

Me: “Then why are you making choices based solely on the moment.

Sacrificing your health OR your happiness for the potential approval of the hosts?”

Her: I’m afraid they may not want me on then.

Me: Then we have a lack mentality.

If they step into YOUR world, there’s plenty of time for all of it and they get the best YOU, you have to offer when you show up rested and full of life.

If you plan on doing this forever, then you need to operate from that vision of forever, rather than the current circumstances of “I don’t have enough, it’s not enough, I’m not enough right now”…

You got this. They can wait. For you to show up in your fullness. We deserve that. You deserve that. Your legacy deserves that.


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