“Bill” worked with one of the largest online marketing companies on the west coast, visioning and implementing funnels and marketing strategies that pulled in millions of dollars.

He was BURNING out….physically, emotionally, spiritually, working LONG weeks, and late nights.

Bill was in the middle of a perfect storm in his life. Everything was coming to a head.

He was taking responsibility for everyone else’s projects at work, and hadn’t set any boundaries, and he hadn’t even thought of doing so.

He had thought about what he wanted, but he hadn’t taken any direction towards it. He hadn’t fully defined what it meant for him to live a life that even INCLUDED what he wanted.

He knew that he wanted to stop building funnels for OTHERS, and build his OWN personal brand, and create a massive impact with influencers, while living a life where he made every choice from an aligned mindset.

“Over the past three months, because of this work with Matthew, I’ve had a lot of the hard conversations that I needed to have. That was definitely a game changer…I was holding back parts of me.”

That thought is always in my head now, “Is what I’m doing in alignment with myself?”

I’m trusting my emotions more, I feel a lot more aligned, and a lot more confident.”

Now, Bill’s changed his role at the company. He’s CONSULTING the company he was working long nights implementing for. He’s doing more consulting, than implementation. He’s making more money, and doing what he loves.

“It’s more in alignment with my abilities and skills sets.”

Plus, he filed for his first LLC for HIMSELF, after years and of putting it off! Yahooo!

“This work has helped me increase the level of TRUST that I have for myself, which for me is necessary to fully tap into everything that I am and can be.

By developing a level of trust with myself, it’s opened up the capacity for my unique, Individual to come out, The expression that I am. It’s allowed me to tap into the deeper parts of myself that I knew, but haven’t been able to create, until now.

Matthew, you have an incredible ability to understand and accept people, and meet them where they’re at, and help them gain clarity, even when they think they have clarity. There is a level of total confidence not only that you have, but also that you bring to other people.”

If you want results like Bill, shoot me a PM.

The Supreme Performance Academy begins February 5th. It’s the last time I’m going to do it LIVE!


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