Set it and forget it.

I mean it.

Step 1: Set yourself some awesome goals.

Step 2: And forget them.

Step 3: Build a process to get there, and work the process.

If there are multiple processes, they’re multiple goals.

As you work the process, you receive feedback, and that feedback motivates further progress on your process.

In his book, The Motivation Myth, Jeff Haden shares his process for building his monthly readership from what was 0, to now over 1.5 million views a month…

-Write a new post (no matter what)
-Build New relationships. Tweet 3 people Who seemed the most noteworthy and influential that like it. Send an email saying Thanks.
-Build a network with those with engaged networks, and ask them to part of articles.
-Build 3 New headlines based on what works.
-Evaluate recent results (What are people responding to?)
-Ignore Editor

These were specific and measurable goals that he could complete….daily.

That feedback loop is the key to starting motivated.

As he built momentum, he began to see the results, ie more responses and shares.

He liked the RESULTS, so he kept going!

Results yield motivation, not instagram quotes.


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